Amtrak snow-mo collision

Why didn’t the people on the platform see all the snow on the tracks, see the speed of the train, and then use common sense to get the hell out of the way?

  • art hackett

    It’s trump all over again. Do you people never learn?

  • Mo

    Physics is harrrrrd.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Damn, it must really suck to be that clueless.

  • Jules Hobbes

    Your really ask why? Really? Are you that clueless?

    They are all taking the same video, that’s why.

    • brucej

      At least ONE of them was competent enough to shoot the video in the right format…all the ones I can see are holding their phones vertically :-/

  • pretty obvious — theyre all shooting this video.

  • David Zentgraf

    Common–what now?

  • Mayson

    Why isn’t there any snow on the tracks before the station?