The Bluetooth keyboard Apple should be making

A battery that lasts an entire year before you need a recharge. Pair with 4 different devices, each one getting its own dedicated keyboard button to make switching between devices trivial. Supports Mac and iOS devices.

At $95, this looks like a no-brainer purchase. Great find by Jeff Benjamin. Watch the video below and buy the keyboard here.

  • Mo

    Thanks for the link, Dave. Looks very nice. I’m assuming Matias used off-the-shelf internal batteries, which would explain the bottom hump’s thickness. Ah, the advantages of Apple’s custom-battery design.

    Hoping to see a review of this by a slightly more fanatic keyboard maven soon. If only I didn’t already have two spares of the Apple wired one.

  • JimCracky

    Apple’s keyboards are goofy.

  • i used Logitech’s solar keyboard, which never requires charging, and lies very flat, which i like. but it’s not BT.

    this is appealing, except for the chunky battery shelf.

  • GlennC777

    Around tax time every year I wish I had a numeric keypad, but I’ve been too lazy to research and upgrade from the standard Apple keyboard, which I’ve never really liked. Maybe it’s time.

  • My old Apple BlueTooth keyboard was my favourite keyboard, until I replaced it with a new Magic Keyboard. I never want a number pad again.

  • Curmudgeon

    I’ve grown more towards ¯_(ツ)_/¯ over the ten key. I cannot stand the arrow layout of the Magic Keyboard. I’ll consider this if only because of the arrow key layout isn’t a crap show like the Magic Keyboard.

  • isitjustme

    I am not sure about this I think the main problem with Apple about making accessories for their products is the money they make from licensing third parties to make products compatible with their products. If this didn’t exist I believe we will have great accessories form them. A damn shame.

    • you’re trying to suggest the money apple gets from licensing is greater than the profit they’d make on their own products? doubtful.

      anyway, apple does make accessories such as keyboards, and mice.

      • isitjustme

        Let says you can get x $ from licensing something you owned and every time someone sells something on your website you get 30% so do you still work harder to earn more money or you let someone do the work and you still get your share without doing anything. If Apple don’t have these things going for them I bet you they will work harder to make better products.

  • David O’Donnell

    I bought one of these keyboards when they first came out. I’ve gone back to my wired Apple keyboard. The Matias looks okay at first, but even with sparse use several of the key labels have almost entirely worn off. The device feels cheap and clunky in my hands (certainly compared to Apple’s keyboards, even the wireless ones that I don’t particularly like). The clincher for me, though, was the incessant key bounce. I’m on a Retina iMac and the keyboard is about the only Bluetooth device attached to it… so there is no excuse for regular (as in up to several times a minute) key bounce. Particularly when entering passwords, where you can’t tell that “password” is coming out as “paasssswwordd.”

    • but but but they said this is what apple should have made, because it’s perfect. in their minds.