Can you get a 25/25 on this advanced grammar test?

Teacher Problems:

Prove you’re a grammar master and pass this test!

I got 25/25. “You must be an English scholar because only 4% of Americans can get a perfect score on this test.”

UPDATE: A commenter pointed out the “test” is broken. You get 25/25 no matter what you answer.

  • Brandon Pamplin

    Just FYI, the test is broken. I answered everything ACTUALLY correctly and got 25/25. I then went through and clicked around randomly, selecting things that I knew were wrong and got 25/25. Neat quiz but definitely don’t trust the result since it shows 25/25 no matter what.

    • Well….CRAP…thanks Brandon.

      • James Hughes

        Maybe it’s fixed now? I randomly clicked on answers, didn’t even read the questions, and failed.

  • Dave

    …Referring to Brandon’s statement, I did score 25 but so does everyone.

    • brucej

      Yeah I know for a fact that I fat-fingered some wrong answers, and was surprised to get 25/25…but any right answers I got were entirely due to my freshman english teacher in college and Lynne Truss

  • Brandon

    Yup, broken.

    Me fail English, that’s unpossible!

  • gracion

    Maybe the scoring is part of an experiment: (really interesting anyway)

  • GS

    I intentionally answered as many incorrectly as possible (was harder to do that than I thought) and it said FAILED.