Apple reports iOS 10 adoption up to 79%. Android Nougat? Barely 1%.

From Apple’s developer site:

Interesting to compare that pie chart to the official Android adoption pie chart:

That little bitty sliver on the right? That’s Nougat, the most recent version of Android. To get to more than half of that pie chart, you have to include Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop. Lollipop was released in 2014.

It’s tough when you don’t control all the hardware.

[H/T Robert Davey]

  • Brad Fortin

    But… but version number doesn’t matter, because… uh… Google Play Services will make up for it somehow!

  • Dave Aiello

    Who can remember what the names of the Android versions represent anymore?

    The only way I know which versions are the latest is because they are the smallest slivers of the pie chart.

  • GS

    Obviously, people are cutting way back on sugar consumption.

  • Mo

    Google made their bed, but it’s users with inexpensive Android phones that have to sleep in it.

    Say “thank you” to Google, malware writers.

  • john doofus

    Apple does a great job of supporting old hardware and making it easy for users to get the latest version of iOS.

    But comparisons like these seem a bit unfair. iPhones generally cost $500+. A big part of the Android market is phones that sell for $50-100, sometimes even less.

    • rick gregory

      Not in the US, are they?

      • john doofus

        Probably not, although I’d wager a guess that a very large number of Androids are sold at prices well below even the cheapest iPhone.

        I don’t think the provided pie charts are US-only either, though. The population of Asia is what, about 12x that of the US?

      • This article also does not compare the US market. I don’t think your question is relevant.