iPad Pro ad: “No PC viruses”

Is Apple resurrecting, at least in tone, the old “Mac vs PC” ads? They’ve posted a series of new iPad Pro ads you can watch here.

  • TWF

    Going through that playlist, Apple’s recent ads have been really, really good. Do we know if these are Chiat-Day ads or ones from Apple’s internal team?

    • I’m pretty sure Chiat Day is still doing work for Apple although Apple isn’t listed on their site:


      Good question on the current run of excellent ads.

      • Terrymweikel

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  • gracion

    Nice to see under-appreciated iPad strengths getting some attention. Maybe unawareness of the benefits is holding back the iPad in the market.

  • Curmudgeon

    No viruses, but security compromising “Senior Discount Email” and “Weather Inbox” profiles novices are tricked into installing.

  • tjonz

    Of course it’s not vulnerable to PC malware. It’s vulnerable to iOS malware. https://www.theiphonewiki.com/wiki/Malware_for_iOS

    • James Hughes

      Most of these are used on Jailbroken devices or via repositories and or apps that have been pulled. Once Jailbroken, you are on your own, which is fine if you know what you are doing…

      • tjonz

        Granted. Nevertheless, even suggesting that any device is invulnerable to malware is a fool’s errand.

        • That was NOT what the ad conveyed. Was it?

          • tjonz

            “My laptop has the nastiest virus and I’m terrified!”

            “Yeah, that is scary. You know, an iPad Pro doesn’t get PC viruses.”

            Don’t you suppose the average non-geek viewer might interpret this as saying, “The iPad Pro is not vulnerable to viruses?

          • non-geek? Yeah, people are that stupid, or you think so? We are talking electronics after all, and windows OS is a virus heaven compared with iOS

          • tjonz

            I wouldn’t say “stupid”, I’d say uninformed. I don’t know a lot of non-geeks who follow sites like Loop Insight.

          • Meaux

            The ad literally said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of”.

      • Meaux

        There were a few that just required you to click a link. Which is how Podesta got hacked.


  • Costa K

    Is it saying/inferring that the iPad Pro is a laptop?

    • tjonz

      It’s certainly an angle Apple is pushing hard. Folks who use a laptop solely for e-mail, photo editing, browsing, etc. might be perfectly happy with an iPad Pro, but until I can develop software on it it’s a long, long way from competing with a laptop.

      • John Kordyback

        I agree since I write code too. By the same argument I don’t think my laptop is a good replacement for a server. 😉

    • John Kordyback

      I don’t think so. I think the message is subtly shifting to “it’s a device with all these capabilities” and is “better than a computer” at a bunch of things.

    • Mo

      Does Microsoft infer that the Surface is a laptop?

    • tjonz

      New iPad Pro Commercials Pitch Device as Computer Replacement http://osxdaily.com/2017/02/18/new-ipad-pro-commercials-pitch-device-as-computer-replacement/