Twitter quickly rolls back change to prevent abuse over worries it encourages abuse


Twitter rolled back a new fix aimed to prevent abuse a few hours after it met with protests, reflecting that the company is still scrambling to find solutions to the problem of harassment on its service, but is willing to make changes quickly in response to its users.

The social network on Monday rolled out a new feature that would ensure that users would not get notified when they are added to a list. “We want you to get notifications that matter. Starting today, you won’t get notified when you are added to a list,” wrote Twitter Safety. One user pointed out that it was critical for people to know if they have been added to a list intended for targets.

Does it feel like the people who manage this stuff at Twitter have no clue how Twitter works? As soon as I heard about this “feature”, I knew it would cause problems. Why didn’t anyone at Twitter see it coming?

  • freediverx

    Not surprising considering that Twitter’s executives don’t use Twitter.

    • Eugene

      This. A million times.

  • NB

    It was also presented in the stupidest way. Of all the things people want added, this wasn’t even on the list. Yet they announced it like this is the feature we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the kind of thing I’d tweet out if I wanted to parody Twitter.

    “We’re listening and we are here for you – You can now add more emojis to polls. #abuseprotection”

    • Bettyclittle

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  • Mo

    “…the company is still scrambling to find solutions to the problem of harassment on its service, but is willing to appear to make changes quickly…” There you go, PC World.

    I’d have expected the level of cluelessness coming out of Twitter from a company whose heyday was, say, a century ago. A remarkably isolated pack of fools.

  • MacViolinist

    If twitter really wants to stop a lot of abuse quickly, it should shut down Trump’s account.

    • ronchris

      If people don’t want abuse they should stay off twitter, instagram, and the internet in general.

      • Sorry but that’s ridiculous and untenable. Are you saying it’s the fault of the person being abused that they get abused?

        • mlmontagne

          Well, of course it is, as long as they are right wing, authoritarian, fascist, Hitlers.

        • Martin Johnson

          The idea that a tweet is abusive is preposterous on its face; just ignore it and block the sender. This whole debate is crazy, and eventually people may grow up instead of acting like middle-schoolers.

    • MarkInKansas

      This attitude is what is causing the failure of Twitter. The banning of people who do not share the values of leftist scum alienates about half of the potential customer base.

      • “Scum”? Please keep the name calling out of the discussion.

        • MarkInKansas

          Shawn, get over yourself. If Disqus has a problem with my use of the term “scum” that’s fine. You aren’t the arbiter of anything in this thread.

          • Nothing to get over. We don’t allow name-calling in the comments on this site. Please don’t do it.

    • southpaw0609

      Trump’s Twitter account is literally the only thing keeping Twitter afloat right now. They wouldn’t dream of it. Twitter lost $457 million last fiscal yr. They can’t afford any more missteps.

      If Trump was banned from Twitter, he would start up a new 140 character instant messaging service the next morning, and all his followers/haters would instantly abandon Twitter and go with Meow, or Woof, or whatever he would name it.

      • This is literally not even a little bit true.

  • Cause they live in a bubble/echo chamber.

  • Martin Johnson

    How on Earth do you benefit by NOT knowing you have been added to a list? What was Twitter’s rationale? This is very weird.