Apple’s Planet of the Apps trailer

From the info page:

Planet of the Apps celebrates the world of apps and the talented people who create them. Hosted by Zane Lowe and featuring advisers Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk and, the series highlights developers who have the vision to shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives.

This feels like a mix of Shark Tank and The Voice. As a developer and investor, I’m intrigued by the concept. The hard part is to straddle the channel between broad entertainment and entrepreneurial detail. Keep it fun while still teaching some skill or lesson.

I’ll definitely give this a watch.

  • ChuckO

    Squaresville, baby!

  • Owie.

  • Yawn.

  • It’s a shark-tank gameshow for app devs…I don’t really see what the problem is. Oh yeah — techies hate everything that they didn’t invent. So yes, let’s poo poo it before it’s even released.

    • Mo

      Through experience, I’ve learned to dislike most VCs who believe they’re interesting enough to be broadcast to a wide audience. Bombast emitted by affluent people is a lot less interesting to me than the stories of people who aren’t trying to suck up to them.

  • TWF

    What a waste of time and effort.

  • Kip Beatty

    Good Lord, other than, could the hosts/judges have been more smug? This one doesn’t look as good as Carpool Karaoke.

  • john doofus

    What happened to “laser focus”?

  • “This feels like a mix of Shark Tank and The Voice.” Great description. And the perfect way to describe why I won’t be watching this.

  • William Reynish

    Oh no. This looks embarrassing.

  • Dermot Daly

    This is a terrible idea. Here’s why: 48f6a9fe85ac#.kjfbejc2v