Apple removes tool to check if an iOS device is activation locked [UPDATED]

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

Apple has inexplicably removed the iCloud Activation Lock status page, which used to exist at, but that URL now leads to a 404 error instead. The utility let anyone type in the IMEI or serial number of an iOS device to find out if Activation Lock had been turned off, handy to verify the authenticity of a seller when buying a used iPhone online.

Not clear why this has happened. Wondering if the tool was being misused in some way. I suspect the story will emerge over the next few days. Keep an eye out.

UPDATE: And here’s the proof, a video that shows how to unlock an iPad by cloning the iPad drive and changing the serial number to a valid unlocked serial number, one checked/validated using the Apple activation lock tool (about 5:28 into the video).

[Big hat tip to Loop reader Robert Davey]

  • @winmaciek

    There’s a theory that some bad guys used it to change serial numbers in locked iDevices in order to be able to use them (=to bypass activation lock). iCloud activation lock webpage allowed them to see if the serial number was “unlocked” and thus suitable as a replacement for “locked” one.

    • The bad guys will find the information another way, but I can understand Apple taking theirs down since it was free to use and unlimited. Most other places charge a fee for phone information or limit the number of times you can use their tool by IP address, so there are many more hoops to jump through.