Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains @POTUS account snafu

There was a bit of a snafu on Friday, as people found themselves following both the @POTUS account (the official account of the President of the United States) and the @POTUS44 account (the account specific to the 44th administration).

This would typically not be that big a deal, just unfollow the account you don’t want to follow, but clearly these are not normal times, and this issue rose to the CEO level.

Regardless of how you feel about the story notability, the thread Jack Dorsey started is an interesting read, for the comments on this specific situation and the details on @POTUS transition.

  • JimCracky

    Dissolve Twitter, get rid off the POTUS account. When Drump took over the POTUS account he was greeted with 14 million users he now has access to. Each of those has a value of $2 (Calacanis). He will take them when he leaves office.

    Sell Twitter to Apple, apple can close it down. It’s a sewer anyway.