Microsoft’s OS supremacy over Apple to end in 2017

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld:

Apple will steal a march on Microsoft this year when for the first time this century shipments of devices powered by its operating systems outnumber those running Windows, research firm Gartner said today.

In 2017, Apple’s combination of iOS and macOS — the former on iPhones and iPads, the latter on Macs — will take second place from Windows on the devices shipped during the year. The gap between the two will widen in 2018 and 2019, with Apple ahead of Microsoft both years.

Not terribly surprising, given the rise of mobile and Apple’s dominance in that space. But still, just a little bit satisfying.

Not clear from the article but, presumably, first place is held by Android.

  • Meaux

    The Gartner numbers exclude Windows Embedded, which means it vastly understates the ubiquity of Windows devices.

    • not really — WE represent embedded devices such as hotel kiosks, etc. Hardly what is meant by personal computing devices which is what i think the focus is here.

      • Meaux

        There are a lot of iPads shipped that are commercial kiosk replacements (think food service ordering at airports).

        • Mo

          Ooh, my turn! If we’re counting older cash registers, we can get even more obscure and off-topic!!

    • john doofus

      If we’re talking every device with an embedded OS, I’d guess Linux wins by so much that everyone else is just a rounding error.

    • John

      If you’re going to go there, then you better include Linux.

  • CuJo YYC

    “Not clear from the article but, presumably, first place is held by Android.”

    From the article. “Windows accounted for approximately 11.2% of the total devices, which overwhelmingly ran Google’s Android.”

  • I am developing a serious hatred for stock photography. That “business people in foot race, high heels wins!” image is a great example of why.

    • Mo


  • Mo

    I think it’s cute that Computerworld’s writer chose to phrase it “Apple will steal.” Considering the rapacious history of Microsoft’s sales team, I mean.

  • So, Apple is first place for devices with current operating system installed then?

  • drx1

    yet srm is gone from macOS 10.12 🙁 RIP srm. HDD will still be in use by many, where they may need more space, redundancy, backups or lower cost … than speed. OYE! Did Apple “fix” disk utility in 10.12? It looks better, yet now I wonder.