Job opening at Spotify: “President of Playlists”


What you’ll do:

Provide world-class leadership to our playlist editors and supporting staff.

Identify and substantiate new playlist ideas, e.g. from a playlist for shooting hoops with your friends, to the perfect warm up playlist for addressing the nation about health care legislation that bears your name.

Who you are:

Have at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation.

Familiar with the Spotify platform, with experience in programming playlists at a federal level. Anything from an eclectic summer playlist, to a celebratory, “I just found my birth certificate” playlist.

Can speak passionately about playlists at press events. Let us be clear, you should be nothing short of one of the greatest speakers of all time.

Someone with good team spirit, excellent work ethic, a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.

This is an oddly specific job posting.

  • StruckPaper

    Not at all odd. Can you not tell they are directing this at Barack Obama?

    • efef

      the shapest tool in the drawer was just identified. Congrats, bro

      • Jeronimo

        I found the use of the word “oddly” very odd myself. And I’m really not that shape, let alone the shapest.

    • Mo

      Yes, I Can.

    • John

      Nah, it’s got Trudeau’s name all over it.

      • Sigivald

        Trudeau doesn’t have a Peace Prize … yet.

        Given how pathetic the committee is for that, he might well be next.

  • Caleb Hightower
  • JimCracky

    As my term winds down, and I cant be reelected, i chose to have this posting so as not to embarrass pretenders to the throne.

  • jimothyGator

    Of for bleeps sake, are people still boasting about Obama being awarded a Nobel Prize? Recall that this is the President who continued everyone of Bush’s wars, while starting new, unauthorized wars of his own.

    It was foolish for the committee to award Obama the Prize before he had the chance to foster world peace (something he failed to do), but they can be forgiven for their optimism, even if they were naïve in their hope. But to be bragging about it in 2017, when the atrocities committed under and by him should be clear, highlights the extreme ignorance of the folks at Spotify.

    • 1) No one is boasting about any such thing

      2) It was a joke post by Spotify

      3) Please keep the political discussions to the appropriate posts. Hint: This one isn’t.

      • Sigivald

        Shawn … you can’t post a paean to a politician (even in a joke post you repost) and demand nobody mention politics.

        That’s. Just. Not. Realistic.

        (I mean, obviously you can do that, it’s your site [along with Jim], but you can’t be surprised or anything when people respond that way.)

        • Not my site. It’s all Jim’s. I’m just a peon.

      • jimothyGator

        Oh come on, that “job listing” is dripping with praise for Obama. Greatest speaker of all time! Wonderful work ethic! Warm and friendly!

        It’s obvious that the Nobel Prize mention is a continuation of this adulation. It’s also obvious that this “job listing” was itself a political post, so forgive me if I think that a political response to it is entirely appropriate.

        It’s adulation is joke form. I’m expressing my opinion that the outgoing president isn’t deserving of such adulation.

        • GlennC777

          Nobody wants to hear this baloney here. Good god you’d think humor has been outlawed.

  • jimothyGator

    Some other ideas for playlists:

    • Hard hitting tunes to play while you kill innocent civilians with drone attacks
    • Melancholy ballads while you reflect with regret on how much you unconstitutionally expanded executive power once you realize you can’t stay in office forever and, oops, now the next guy also can wield that power
    • Songs about all the wealth you stand to rake in giving speeches and running a charitable foundation, Clinton style, now that you’re out of office. May I suggest Money by Pink Floyd, It’s All About the Benjamins by Puffy Daddy, and Money for Nothin’ by Dire Straits, to get you started.
    • Sigivald

      Me, I was annoyed by “greatest speakers of all time”.

      President Obama has a nice voice.

      That’s it, though. He can’t even see the level of, say, Churchill, from where he is.

      (That’s not even an attack on him; nobody’s that good. It’s mocking the way his fan club thinks he’s The Best Thing Ever where he’s just “acceptable”.)

      • It was a joke.

        • jimothyGator

          That it’s a joke doesn’t make it immune to critique. If someone came in here and told a racist, sexist, etc. joke, I doubt the “it was a joke” excuse would fly.

          • The joke was none of those things.

          • jimothyGator

            Geezus, Shawn, it’s an analogy. Don’t be dense.

            You and Glenn respond to criticism of the content of this “joke” with “It’s a joke,” as if to suggest that jokes cannot be critique. The heck they can’t. Being a joke does not it from critique. That’s my point, and it’s a point you’d easily see if you weren’t going out of your way to misunderstand it.