Greenpeace gives Apple highest grades for clean energy

In the just-released Greenpeace report, Clicking Green: Who is winning the race to build a green internet?, Apple simply crushes it.

Through page after page of detailed analysis, Apple comes out on top, and usually by a pretty fair margin. Apple should be very proud of these results.

If you want to cut right to the chase, scroll to page 46 for an alphabetical walk through all company scores. Compare Amazon’s individual category grades (they got an overall C) with Apple (one of the few companies that got an overall A).

Nice job, Apple.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Apple is unquestionably the benchmark to emulate across the industry. I’d like to see them open clean energy colocation centers in every state and build strong partnerships with leading media distributors (Netflix or even Amazon Prime). I think its reasonably attainable and definitely a benefit for all involved, despite Trump’s carbon-energy-centered administration.

  • Mo

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Greenpeace the institution that, not all that long ago, publicly pilloried Apple for not meeting hazardous-materials-recycling requirements that they gave other manufacturers like Dell and HP a “future-plans” pass on? All for donation-generating headlines?

    • I remember us all accusing them of that. I never dug deeper to see if the accusations were warranted. But I guess we’re all pals now that they like Apple. 😍

    • Greenpeace would argue those headlines are what spurred Apple to act and to be in the place they are now.

      • Mo

        I believe they did, almost as soon as Apple announced intentions to implement changes.