Apple’s Swift Project Lead is leaving the company

I’m happy to announce that Ted Kremenek will be taking over for me as “Project Lead” for the Swift project, managing the administrative and leadership responsibility for This recognizes the incredible effort he has already been putting into the project, and reflects a decision I’ve made to leave Apple later this month to pursue an opportunity in another space.

As Gruber says, I’d love to know what the other opportunity is.

  • John

    I’m sure that the team at Apple is strong, but from a third party developer point of view this is a big deal. My guess is that he’s probably pretty burned out (this was a monumental effort) and needs some balance back in his life.

    This link gives you more information about the structure of the Swift Core Team and what they actually do:

    • Jason

      Wanted to see what spin the fanbois give, and i wasn’t disappointed.

      • John

        Jason spelt fan boy with an ‘i’. Drink!

  • JimCracky

    I am sure the other opportunity puts power users first and mobile users to the playpen.

  • John Voliva


  • Matt

    Hopefully this means the end of Swift. Objective-C is such a better language. I’d love to see a Objective-C 3.0.