Worshiping at the Apple temple

From a blog post that ran on the BBC News site, ten years ago today:

As the hype piled up Jobs told us we were witnessing history and he was going to reinvent the telephone – some doubts crept in.


It is going to be expensive – $499 for the 4gb, $599 for 8gb – when it arrives in US stores in June.


Apple is entering a market where giants like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung are making pretty smart phones. A bit of a contrast to the easier landscape which the ipod entered. Still – as Jobs pointed out – there’s a big market to aim at, with a billion mobile phones sold last year.

Fun looking back. After all, who knew what was coming? Well, Steve did.

  • somethingmissing

    Perhaps as illuminating as the blog post are the comments. Here’s a sample:

    “So where are the Mac upgrades we need? Apple have forgotten that computers are what we need, not fancy colourful gadgets.”

    Everything changes, even as everything stays the same?

    • JohnDoey

      That is because people are still working 8–10 hours in an office every day with a mouse. 10 years after iPhone, that is an Apple failure. Especially when their most accurate posting device is Apple Pencil. Steve literally told us the mouse is obsolete in 2007, and it clearly is. I use a pen every day. I am easily 2x faster than my coworkers. We all just pretend this is not happening.

  • Alex Hon

    The billion phones that were sold in a year were mostly feature phones a decade ago. Apple has gone from selling zero to selling a billion over the past decade on its own. Pretty amazing.

  • GlennC777

    I’d defy anybody to come up with a product introduction that comes anywhere near competing with that of the iPhone, either for the artfulness of the introduction itself or for its near-immediate impact on almost everything else in the world.

  • Kriztyan

    It is funny only to see how much iOS has evolved in 10 years. Heck I booted my daughters forgotten iPod Touch which only can be upgraded to system 6.X and the GUI looks so antiquated. It looks so dated.

  • JohnDoey

    I don’t think the aftermath of the launch event is that amazing, actually. I think the launch event was amazing. But remember that iPod was the hottest device in the world at that time and users were saying why isn’t my phone this good? If you just say well, what if iPod also had a Web browser and iTunes Store and one year later, Netflix? And it can also replace your phone? Huge success, obviously. I think a lot of us at that time recognized that Apple had jumped years ahead. Also remember that iPhone launch was like iPod launch 2. Apple had already shipped the first iPod into the music player market and killed everything else. And the iPhone launch had the same slide of the antique competition, all lined up looking plasticky and foolishly designed.

    I truly hope there is another presentation coming soon where Apple will do for the Mac/PC what Steve did for phones in 2007. I want to see every Intel system on the planet look antique next to a new kind of Mac/iPad that obsoletes them all.

  • Costa K

    Steve did. And the other Steve didn’t.

  • Mo

    “It is going to be expensive…” especially if you ignore the true cost of carrier-subsidized contracts.