Apple extends USB-C accessory pricing through the end of March

Apple on Tuesday told me that they were extending the USB-C accessory price cuts, implemented last month, through the end of March 2017.

First announced in November, the USB-C adapters are necessary for many pro users to use legacy gear. I have purchased a number of the adapters so I could use my pro music gear with the new MacBook Pro, and they worked perfectly.

For consumers, the thought of purchasing adapters to use legacy gear may be a hard pill to swallow, but for pros who make their living with these machines, spending a few extra dollars doesn’t matter much in the long run. Would we rather not? Sure. But the fact is, the new MacBook Pro is a much better machine, so it’s worth it.

Much of the gear pros use will be updated in the next year or so to use USB-C natively, so we can decide to upgrade or continue to use the legacy gear with the adapters. Many pros continue to use what works, and that includes software and hardware.

Adapters included in the price reduction include:

  • USB-C to USB Adapter (from $19 to $9);
  • Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter (from $49 to $29);
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable (1m) (from $25 to $19);
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable (2m) (from $35 to $29);
  • USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (from $69 to $49);
  • USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter (from $69 to $49).

It’s a good move on Apple’s part to extend the sale of the USB-C adapters. Helping users make the transition to USB-C will pay off for them in the long run.

  • David Robeson

    So, USB-C iMacs before the end of March? Or am I reading too much into this?

  • I suspect this is due to MBP shortages (especially in-retail), and I hope Apple considers making these cuts permanent.

    By the way, it looks like they may have extended the price cut for the monitors too! shows “Subject to availability and quantity limits apply. Pricing effective October 27, 2016 – March 31, 2017” at the bottom of the page.

    I’m very tempted to get a 5K display, but I want to get my computer first (most likely in January) and see if I need it. This time extension will be incredibly helpful.

    • GG

      I think this is indeed correct. Our custom config MBP orders from 10/31 (via B&H) have still not shipped. We knew there’d be a wait, but this is ridiculous. At least with this extension, we’ll have the machine here to see if we need anything else.

      Fingers crossed we get them before fucking March, of course.

      • I do think they’ll fulfill in January. Things slow down this time of year.

        I honestly wonder how much Apple gains from tight product embargoes for professional products (as opposed to, say, the iPhone which is a different beast). It forces them to go to production late to minimize leaks, but at the same time it means it takes forever for users to buy, and initial interest may wane if people can’t get it in their hands. And, it’s not like the touch bar details didn’t leak anyway.

  • John Doofus

    Does this include the displays?

  • Wibble

    This needs to be a permanent reduction.

    I am getting truly fed up with Apple. They manage to iterate a phone every year but their desktops and laptops languish for years ( Mac mini as example) .

    I bought out of necessity a 15″ MacBook Pro (TB), and I must admit the touchbar is more useful than I thought it would be. However, if this is the top of the Apple tree then I will have to carefully consider whether or not I stay with MacOS.

    • We’re not really Apple’s target market anymore. I suppose we should be happy that they’re at least still building Mac products.

      The main concern for Apple is that they need developers to continue buying Macs so they can develop iOS apps. I suppose those out to make iOS apps only for money will continue buying them, but the enthusiast crowd is important, both in terms of new app paradigms and in terms of the halo effect.

  • john doofus

    Not sure why people think this is a temporary thing that will pass in a year. If you interoperate with the rest of the world, you should be prepared to carry at least some of these dongles with you for the entire life of your new MacBook Pro. And probably the MacBook Pro after that. If somebody gives you a memory stick in the foreseeable future, its probably going to be USB A. Need to connect to a conference room projector? Could be HDMI or DVI or DisplayPort or even VGA, but it sure as hell won’t be USB C until some time in the 2020s.