The Apple Watch is a character in Lethal Weapon

In the new TV series Lethal Weapon, one of the two main characters, Roger Murtaugh, is recovering from heart surgery and regularly checks his heart rate on his Apple Watch.

Here’s a closeup shot from the pilot:


Not sure what app is running, but the heart rate is animated. As the show progresses, every time Murtaugh gets excited, his Apple Watch starts beeping. The Apple Watch brand is never mentioned, but the closeup shots are unmistakably Apple Watch.

  • Tom_P

    Would love to have that.

  • eilfurz

    that’s probably no app – you wouldn’t want to get your actor worked up, just for the close up-shot of his wrist. it’s either a custom app that shows a pre-rendered animation or – if they had to get rid of some budget – a real working app where you can set a target heartrate. but the most likely and easiest way to do something like this: replace the screen in postproduction – then you can also change your animation.

  • collider

    Even though it wouldn’t be hard to create on on set app, I’d throw my vote in for post. Would not be hard to corner pin, and makes it much easier to change the data or timing if the edit changes and glare would be controllable. Most likely the battery is fully drained so it doesn’t inadvertently turn on, and they have 5 white dots applied to corners and center. If the dots interfere with the shot, then they’re planar tracking with mocha or similar and cleaning by hand.

    • This’d get my vote. However, I think a lot of attention was put into making the UI look Apple Watch-like. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re composing the shots on a watch simulator.

  • Sigivald

    Cue a complaint on Forbes blaming Apple for that not being a real app and misleading all Watch purchasers…

    • Carrieadonaldson1

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  • For anyone curious about the show: Unlike the MacGyver rebook, Lethal Weapon seems like a lot of fun, with great chemistry between the main characters. I hope it lasts.

  • You’d think with a title like Lethal Weapon they’d feature a Galaxy Note 7.

  • HeartWatch

    It’s a mock up. This is showing the heart’s electrical activity, which the Watch does not capture. The Watch measures blood flow and you can’t plot an electrocardiogram from measuring blood flow. You can however get lots of other useful information!