Callblock: block calls from telemarketers

Callblock represents the start of an interesting new app category. Apple supports something called CallKit, similar to the content-blocking API that allows ad-blocking in Safari. CallKit allows you to build filtering rules to block calls by name and number.

The team that built Callblock spent most of their development time compiling a directory of telemarketers and setting up the infrastructure to keep the directory up to date.

So far, since I’ve had this installed, I have not gotten a single telemarketing call. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I’ll keep Callblock enabled, just in case.

  • lkalliance

    Do you feel confident that it’s not blocking calls that you SHOULD be getting?

    • Shaun

      You can have it simply identify (via Caller ID) bad callers instead of outright blocking them, if you’re concerned about legit calls being blocked.

      • lkalliance

        Cool, that’s a good way. Right now I just enforce a policy of “If I don’t recognize the number I’m not answering it.” This wouldn’t change that, but at least would make the decision quicker!

    • Jenniferdkean

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  • SP_Jon_M3

    Does this app require access to your contacts? There are some caller ID apps, like TrueCaller, (that don’t have CallKit enabled yet) that require access to your contacts.

    • Shaun

      It didn’t request permission to access contacts when I installed it.

      • SP_Jon_M3

        Thanks.. downloading now. Also according to their site, if you refer friends you get a year of service free (using a form on their site).

      • SP_Jon_M3

        Shaun, how has this app been working for you? I’ve read mixed reviews on the iTunes store. Thanks.

  • David

    No disrespect to these guys, but how is this going to work when the spammers make up numbers IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD?

    • Hieronymus Washington

      Exactly. Spoofing numbers has gotten really out of hand, especially with the card services scammers. I even got a call a few months ago spoofed from my own number.