Lady Gaga album may be first exclusivity loss for Apple

Interscope Records, which was co-founded by current Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine in 1989, is one of the many labels owned by Universal Media Group. Apple’s rumored exclusivity loss of Lady Gaga’s new album appears to be the first ripple generated by UMG’s CEO Lucian Grainge decreeing earlier in the week that the company would no longer support exclusive music streaming on any service.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ll be glad if the exclusives stop. I want Apple to build a service that is second to none. Build an Apple app the way we know they can. Building a service on exclusives is a numbers game to boost subscriptions—as soon as the exclusive is over people will go to the service that’s the best. Apple is arguably not that service for many people right now. They need to change that quickly.

  • Mo

    Well said.

    • Gladyssgonzalez3

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  • Caleb Hightower


    Apple just make a better mousetrap, and leave the strategic maneuvering to the illiterate wannabes.

    I was afraid this is what Apple paid for when they acquired Iovine and Co. (Beats) for $3 bn. As much as Iovine pines the virtues of merging curated playlists and software, he’s still just a one-trick pony playing the old game.