15 years ago yesterday, Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple Store

It is amazing to see how well that design has aged. It’s really the products that show how long ago this was made.

  • SockRolid

    I went to the grand opening of the original Palo Alto Apple Store. Took photos of Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller with my old Nikon N90, on Kodak T-Max 400. (That’s a type of black and white film.)

  • Michael Savich

    That red hotline phone tho

  • Oh man I remember those black shelves of software. Credit to Apple though because I don’t remember when they disappeared.

    One thing that seems to have gotten away from the stores is a focus on solutions. I hope the Ahrendts leadership brings a focus back to what these fancy glass and aluminum tools can help us achieve, as opposed to just a showcase of drool-inducing electronic jewelry.

    Also, “I’m not a genius…”. LOL! Right Steve, riiiight….