App Store search is currently broken

Craig Grannell:

Developer Travis Ryan just noted to me on Twitter that App Store search is broken. Presumably, this is a temporary glitch, but it’s frustrating for developers. In Ryan’s case, a search for Dashy Crashy doesn’t bring up his excellent game of the same name. All you get is Dashy Crashy Bird, a one-thumb sort-of Flappy Bird clone.

Some proof:

  • Here’s a link to Dashy Crashy. The link works, the app is live in the App Store.
  • Go to the iOS App Store, search for Dashy Crashy. The app does not show up.
  • While you are at it, try a search for dumpling design (the company that makes Dashy Crashy). Though it shows up in the search suggestions, the search yields no results.

Try searching for other apps. Your mileage may vary, but I’m having no luck.