Ugh, App Store

Being on the App Store is a tough business, I know from experience. Apple can’t possibly feature all the apps that are in the store, that’s obvious, but it pisses me off when I see Apple being so self-serving to put a big banner for Drake’s new album on the App Store. He doesn’t have an app!

Yeah, we know you got an exclusive for Drake’s new album. There’s this place called iTunes/Apple Music where I can go see that. When I go to the App Store, show me some great apps, not a Drake promotion so you can make back whatever you spent to get that exclusive.

I guess if you’re one of Apple’s favorites (Taylor Swift or Drake), you can get placed anywhere you want. It seems wrong that developers now have to fight with Apple Music for space on the App Store.


  • StruckPaper

    That’s just wrong. And it’s not an App Store issue. It’s clearly an Eddy Cue decision. He’s allowing himself to be charmed by the rich and famous, it would appear.

    • Meaux

      Either that or revenue. Call it what it is, a banner ad.

  • Domicinator

    Is it the App Store’s fault that there were often no Loop Magazine issues for months on end? That’s where the blame seems to be going, but I have trouble seeing that as the App Store’s problem.

    • Michael Savich

      The Loop magazine wrapped (ha) because Apple basically killed newsstand. There are other factors, but that’s one you can attribute to Apple.

      • Domicinator

        I guess I just still don’t see what one has to do with the other. The Loop Magazine was doing fine after Newsstand closed, then there were some personal problems on Jim’s end (which he said were the cause of the sparseness of new issues), then a promise to update once a month, then nothing, then the closing down of the magazine. Meanwhile, the people subscribing were getting charged month after month for NO CONTENT.

        Is it unreasonable to assume that in the small market of people that this magazine was designed for, maybe word started spreading that subscribing to this magazine was a ripoff because there was rarely any new content?

        I killed my subscription to this thing a long time ago, so nobody owes me any explanations, but how about the people who paid every month thinking “Surely he’ll start publishing stuff soon” and then got nothing? I think at the very least, refunds are in order.

        If you’re going to keep crying foul on Apple, fine, but never once has there been a clear explanation of how this is Apple’s fault rather than a lack of content. What would happen with any other magazine if something like this happened? People would be outraged! If anything, I can’t believe Apple allowed an app with a monthly subscription to stay on the market when there was no content being given in return for the subscription fee.

        • The Cappy

          You might have a good point, and you might not. I never sub’d. But as far as the article’s central complaint, it’s a non sequitur.

    • The Cappy

      I don’t personally have an app in the App Store — struggling, successful, or otherwise — and I think the central argument is 100% spot-on. The App Store has a very narrow spotlight. Shining it off topic like this is a serious disservice both to the devs and to the customers as well. If I’m in the App Store, I’m looking for apps. So that banner is useless to me. Apple has a very clear indication from me about what I’m in the mood for, and it’s purposely giving me something else.

      • Melissargoslin3

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  • The Cappy

    I know it’s not the same thing but the Deadpool ads in the Movies section fascinate me. He’s in other movies’ banners. No doubt they’re all the same studio (didn’t check: too tired, fingers broke). But seriously. Did the other movies get some sort of compensation to have Deadpool trying to steal sales from them? Is that even the net effect? Does having Deadpool in your banner increase your sales? Someone figure this out (no handwaving arguments please) and post an article.

    • The Cappy

      (On topic: I agree with Dalrymple. Those banners seem like very poor form to me)

  • marv08

    My problem with it is not really that it takes away space that could be used for featuring apps (they rarely feature apps I am interested in). It is more that it completely destroys the premium feel of Apple’s platform as something that is ad free. Like my shrink trying to sell me a bible during therapy 🙂

    Cue should start at Microsoft – he has the complete lack of taste they are known for.

  • I wonder it it’s the music dorks from Beats they recently bought who are pushing this nonsense. Nothing like letting in some barbarians to make a complete mess of the place. They’ve turned the Music store into a rap paradise. I know I sound like a broken record on that point. But the whole Apple Music Store has become like Tidal. Except Tidal seems to have better taste in the independents they choose to promote. Either one has way too many hip hop headliners, and the rest take a back seat.