On Apple’s balance between usability and security

Ben Bajarin, writing for Tech.pinions:

Prior to Touch ID for example, many organizations required eight, and sometimes longer, PIN numbers. Imagine entering that many numbers every time you pick up your smartphone. To emphasize this point, Apple shared a great statistic: their average users unlocks their phones 80 times a day.

Imagine typing your PIN every time you want to unlock your phone. Touch ID is a real boon and a testament to Apple finding the balance between usability and security.

Apple shared that 89% of their users with a Touch ID-capable device have set it up and use it.

I’m actually surprised that it is that low.

In a Mac, running software designed by Apple but using a main CPU and GPU made by Intel/AMD/Nvidia, they have put security measures in place including encrypting the entire storage disk. However, with the custom A-series processors, custom designed secure enclave co-processor, and custom designed iOS, Apple is able to encrypt every single file on your iOS device, not just the entire disk.

An important distinction. Terrific read, Ben.