Young designer posts note to Tim Cook about iPad Pro, Tim Cook writes back


  • Moe Better 11

    nice! However I wonder why Apple never made a print to PDF option and the App Store is old and busted. Maybe I should not even mention an update to the Mac Pro??? /rant

    • bradpdx

      OS X has had print to PDF for years. It’s right there in every print dialog.

    • You mean like the missing “PDF” button that cannot be found at the bottom left of every standard Print panel? I keep having vivid dreams where I use that to print to PDF…

    • The Quartz 2D graphics subsystem in Mac OS X 10.0, the first Mac OS X release 15 years ago, was based on PDF. As a result the standard print dialog had “save to PDF” from the beginning. So it has only had it for 15 years and before every other operating system, IIRC. Not sure what that rant is about.

      App Store has issues from the developer side for sure but the app does what its supposed to. The infrastructure needs an update in multiple ways, Mac Pro does too.

  • David Stewart

    I have to marvel at a world where a 15 year old can decide she needs an upgrade to an iPad Pro.

    • Mo

      These kids today, with their fancy Homeric song-cycles and short-strap sandals.

    • She could decide that because she saved her pennies from babysitting for a year. Super proud of her!

      • Zoe’s big brother
      • rb763

        So happy to read this!

    • Moe Better 11

      Have you seen the cost of education? Or higher education? The cost of any Mac Apple makes is nothing in comparison! Also, the Mac or iPad would be more useful to any said self education.

    • bradpdx

      I’ve got an equally talented 17 year old in the same boat! Much respect for Ms. Olsen.

  • Mikey

    This reminds me of the Mac and my youth. Though not 15, I was editor of a small newspaper in the 80s whose typesetting equipment was failing. Replacement was hundreds of thousands of dollars and out of reach for us. A friend suggested I look at Macs. Boom! It just clicked for me and by the end of the training, I was showing the trainer how to do things with Quark Xpress 1.0. I left publishing and went to work for a place that was at the time one of few places I could work where there were lots of Macs: a design firm. The designers all knew Illustrator and they needed someone who knew Quark. The rest, as they say, is history. It’s nice to hear how Apple continues to change people’s lives.

    • Mo

      Sounds like I was only a few years behind you. I love stories like this.