A month with Apple Watch as my wallet

Tom Warren, writing for The Verge:

It all started when I left my house without my wallet. I had ventured out to grab some lunch with no cash or cards to pay for it, only my iPhone or Apple Watch. I’ve used Apple Pay on my iPhone and Watch before, but this was the first time it was actually useful. I paid for a sandwich at my local store with my Watch, and thought nothing more of it.

Unlike the US, Britain has widely adopted contactless payments, and most bank cards have the technology enabled by default. Big retailers accept payments up to £30 ($42) by simply placing your card on a reader. There’s no need for a signature or PIN code, you just touch and you’re done. Here in London, we can even use contactless cards or Apple Pay to travel on buses and trains. My brief lack of wallet got me thinking, could I rely on an Apple Watch to replace my cash and cards?

A very interesting read, rang true for me. It’s still early days for Apple Pay and Apple Watch, but the concept has been proven well enough. Unlike Google Glass, which constantly fought acceptance, Apple Pay and Apple Watch both have a pretty reasonable acceptance rate. There’s little negative energy there, and plenty of positives. A good early sign.