Apple announces March 21 event

Apple on Thursday sent out invites for an event to be held at its Cupertino headquarters on Monday, March 21, 2016. The event will take place at 10:00 am—I’ll be there covering the news.

There are a number of products rumored to be announced at the event including a smaller iPhone (think iPhone 5s), iPads, Apple Watch bands, and Apple Pay updates. Of course, only the executives at Apple know for sure what will make the cut on event day.

It’s going to be an interesting event.


  • Apple Pay?

    • andrewe

      Canada! We are still waiting for Visa, MasterCard , and Interac (debit) support.

      • Don’t blame Apple for that – blame the Canadian banks.

        • andrewe

          Disagree. I blame both the Canadian banks and Apple for not being able to come to a deal. High hopes for tomorrow though.

      • I gotta wonder what Vista and Mastercard have done that inspired loyalty in Canadian consumers. AmEx offered a better deal, I jumped. I still have a Mastercard for places that don’t accept AmEx, but I reach for my AmEx first.

        • Isn’t it because the cards are issued through banks?

          • So the bank you’re loyal to only offers V or MC? Well, that’s certainly true. Maybe it explains the loyalty, though I wonder why any Canadian would be loyal to a bank these days, too. 🙂

          • You live in Canada so you know that, don’t you? You can’t get just a Visa card in Canada. You have to get a “CIBC Visa Card”…

          • Yup. Sorry, I tried to edit that to make it make sense, but I think I botched it.

            You’re right, you get a bank issued MasterCard or Visa here. I’m just not in love with my bank, either. To me, that’s actually an argument to go AmEx.

            My bank recently introduced a $5 fee for something that they didn’t previously charge for. I’m not going to get into details, but the particular service they’re now charging for is funny because it benefits THEM more than me. It’s cutting the nose off to spite the face and earn $5. I’ll work around it, fine, but it’s impossible to feel any loyalty to an organization that stupid.

            But maybe it’s harder to get an AmEx now without Costco or a bank pushing it.

          • Agreed. Canadian banks often do stuff like that. I don’t like/trust any of them. Sadly (maybe not) we don’t have the surfeit of choice our American cousins have when it comes to banking. 🙂

    • marv08

      Well, if they would have some plans for parts of the world where Apple Pay is not getting anywhere (despite wide availability of compatible terminals) because of banks trying to push their own solutions… it would be highly appreciated. It is a bit absurd that e.g. US citizens can use it in some places in Europe just fine, while locals can’t do zip. If Apple waits for the banks here to move, it is dead in the water.

  • Obviously they’re not going to announce a new Magic Mouse, but don’t those shapes look like Magic Mice overplayed on top of each other?

    • Jeffrey

      Yeah a bit:P But like you said, they aren’t going to release a new one, they just released a new one

    • I find that these invites don’t tend to show much of what’s going to be presented .. There was a couple of clues here and there but not all the time. I think?

      • Usually they have enough clues in them that they’re pretty obvious in retrospect, but people rarely guess much that’s accurate in advance.

    • Loop – hearing aid loop system that they have at cashier’s / counters 😀

  • T_Will

    New Apple Watch “loop” bracelets?

  • tylernol


  • Luca Gallagher

    Let’s go iOS 9.3 -> jailbreak combo

  • Caleb Hightower

    Hope this becomes an annual tradition that alleviates their typical Sep/Oct onslaught of releases.

  • MarCow

    A new Apple Loop, that doesn’t try to replace my mechanical watch and drops all the Apple Watch features people rarely if ever use?

  • “Loop you in” will probably turn out to be clever, but it really reads like bureaucratic bullshit.

    When push comes to shove we’re all on the same page, but right now the ball’s in their court. So without further ado, let’s get looped in so we can hit the ground running.

    • andrewe

      The event is located at 1 Infinite Loop — probably the last event at Apple’s current campus. Thus the title.

  • Loop haha

  • Brian Mauter

    “Loop you in”: Jim and co are the next big hires for Apple?

  • all i see are butts.