And the copying

Go to the previous post, Microsoft ad takes on the Mac, which features a Microsoft ad for the Surface Book. Listen to the music.

Now watch this Apple ad from 2012 for the retina MacBook Pro (embedded below). Notice anything familiar about the music?

To be clear, the Apple ad is running the original music (Song by Kidstreet, string version). The Microsoft ad sounds like a musak version of the same song, no?

More than a hat tip to Robert Davey, who read the first Loop post, then sent me the link to the MacBook Pro ad.

  • Doug Trace

    Uuuugh. I love the competition, but Why-Oh-Why can’t Microsoft just be original for goodness sake?!?!

    • Mo


  • Mo

    Just when I was thinking of respecting the Microsoft marketing team.

  • Matthew Shettler

    It could also be but a conscious reference, and a snide poke. Both songs are in the iTunes link above. Apple used the “Strings” version of Song by Kidstreet, but Microsoft used the “Reimagined” version from the same album. That makes me think it’s intentional.

  • for the love of god. must everyone copy everything apple does.

  • eilfurz

    probably intentional copying. even the action shown (using a loupe in an image editing program) is very similar.

    personally, i think, while the version used by microsoft sounds a bit “music used for showing technical content or science on tv”, the mac ad sounds like “midi-sounds meets car commercial”. far from apple’s best. maybe that’s why the ad agency chose this ad to copy – it’s not very iconic, but citing it is still a subtle jab at apple.

    • intentional as a jab? what proof do you have of that?

      is it likewise an intentional jab with every manufacture of laptops copies apple’s look?

      no. its lazy copying. a failure to innovate.