Apple’s opening remarks in today’s Congressional hearing

Today, at 1p ET (10a PT), Apple will get the chance to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee, alongside parallel testimony from FBI Director James Comey.

Apple’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Bruce Sewell, will start the ball rolling. From his pre-released opening remarks:

The American people deserve an honest conversation around the important questions stemming from the FBI’s current demand:

Do we want to put a limit on the technology that protects our data, and therefore our privacy and our safety, in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks? Should the FBI be allowed to stop Apple, or any company, from offering the American people the safest and most secure product it can make?

Should the FBI have the right to compel a company to produce a product it doesn’t already make, to the FBI’s exact specifications and for the FBI’s use?

It’s worth noting that this hearing corresponds to the discovery of a massive new decryption attack that is said to affect more than 11 million HTTPS protected web sites (note the ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS).

Our information is not secure. Rather than pressing Apple to open the locks on their encryption, our emphasis should be on getting our ducks in a row, security-wise.