Warning: Adobe Creative Cloud deletes data in your Mac root directory


Here’s a major warning to those of you who use Adobe Creative Cloud on a Mac: the latest version of Creative Cloud has a bug that deletes unrelated data from your root directory without warning.

The bug in Adobe Creative Cloud version was discovered by the cloud backup service Backblaze, whose customers were having their data deleted by Adobe’s app.

This is yet another in a long line of issues with apps in Adobe’s Creative Cloud and it may be the most destructive one yet. I was forced to use CC but I don’t do any of the updates as they pop up. I know Adobe screws this stuff up on a regular basis so I keep myself one update behind.

  • Fstop64

    It’s not clear that this affects a lot of people who are not Backblaze users. I have two Macs that I updated with no problems.

    • Moe Better 11

      I would guess most users do not have extra files at the root of their HDD/SSD, though some installed, I imagine BlackBlaze is one them, do use the root level for files/folders/etc… (visible or otherwise).


    • 100% not a Backblaze only issue -> We’re able to reproduce it with Backblaze not installed. We recommend ANYONE that updated to on Mac check their root directory folders for missing files (usually either first folder that is hidden alphabetically, or the first folder with a space in front of it) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnt4IvECa-I

    • Colin Mattson

      Petapixel has buried the lede here. It’s very clear that it affects non-Backblaze users, and it affects them more severely.

      Without Backblaze, the first directory will normally be .DocumentRevisions-V100, which is where OS X stores everything (EVERYTHING) for its Versions and Auto Save features. For all users on the computer.

      Also note that if you just recently updated, you probably didn’t get the affected version — Adobe’s already pulled it.

      • Fstop64

        I definitely installed the affected version and my .DocuemntRevisions-V100 folder is not empty.

    • As the linked story says: “But to show that this bug would affect non-Backblaze customers as well, the company did another test with a hidden folder named .adobedontkillme. The same deletion happened while signing in to Creative Cloud.”

    • It impacts everyone, but if you’re lucky it doesn’t delete anything important. Just local versioning of documents in many cases, it sounds like. (That’s pretty important.)

  • Moe Better 11

    AND everyone thinks Apple is bad with software! Adobe Flash? Adobe “Creative Destruction” Cloud!

  • Glaurung-Quena

    Adobe is starting to remind me more and more of Microsoft – everyone hates them, their software is buggy and destructive, but technical Stokholm syndrome has set in and everyone is afraid to switch to anything different because they’d have to relearn their workflows or because their clients expect Adobe formatted files.

    Or is it that there truly is no other usable software out there that does what Adobe’s does?

    • Moe Better 11

      It would be a lot like Microsoft, where there are certain workflows, add-ins, extra software that is setup to “work” (some of the time) with say Outlook – or Photoshop.

      Funny how things break down because of a crappy foundation (MS or Adobe) and get worse with various updates, patches, ‘fixes”, security patches … critical patches and “features”.

      Photoshop is the standard and I have heard, from pro photographers that there is “better” software depending and it can (at the time) hand a higher color gamut, yet it is more expensive and no mortals have ever heard about it…

      Macromedia is gone. Did Adobe ever do anything to move Flash or even Mobile Flash into the future? Where they successful on any front?

      I think the answer is no … except maybe Display Postscript, which NeXT used for its displays… then Apple changed it a bit and made it Quartz … and its been working ever since – so Adobe and Microsoft are nearly useless – but that is the stat of affairs with our corporate craptology. The answer is no. Adobe is corporate vampire that sucks the soul of the world for profit.

      I hope Apple can right its ship soon… 10.11x seems OK. Maybe Photos aint all that bad afterall?

    • Mo

      The comparison is valid. Both companies’ installers spray garbage throughout one’s system, and have similar-sounding issues when things go wrong, which was happening long before the switch to subscription software.

      There are great alternatives to Adobe CC, but not for complete functionality, especially if one has clients who standardize on the latest versions of, say, Illustrator or InDesign.

      But after my latest slog through Photoshop while prepping comps for a client, I’ll be looking at Sketch very closely.

  • Just a quick bump -> this is not a Backblaze issue, any Mac user who signed in to version could have been affected -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnt4IvECa-I We recommend checking root directory folders for missing files (folder will still appear, but contents inside would be missing).

  • Andrew Kasian

    There are other alternatives to Adobe. Affinity Photo = Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve(Free version btw)/Final Cut Pro = Premiere, Affinity Designer/Sketch = Illustrator, Capture One = Lightroom. You can get it done without Adobe, but I think it’s difficult to for people to leave the comfort of their established workflows and familiarity with Adobe software. However, I think that if you’re brave, and give it some time, you’ll find some really elegant, innovative new software out there.