Chevy commercial features Apple CarPlay

A new commercial for the 2016 Chevy Malibu features a short mention of Apple CarPlay that starts at about 1:01 into the video shown below. This video is a longer version than the one that aired this weekend, but the Apple CarPlay mention here is exactly the same as the one that aired.

  • *starting at $22… wonder what that fully kitted out model costs 😛

    • 2:23 – As shown $36,550

      • fair play! Was too busy watching the reactions to see if they were legit or not

  • itsgene

    It’s unfortunate that in my 2016 Volt, the MyLink system crashes and reboots constantly when CarPlay is in use. I don’t want to say I bought the car specifically for CarPlay, but… it is a huge disappointment. Chevy claims a fix is coming…

  • Steve__S

    It’s smart to advertise this feature. Carplay support will absolutely be a significant factor in my next car purchase.

    • Rosalindatnew1


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