Apple releases iOS 9.2 with fixes for shitty Apple Music

Go to Settings > General > Software Update to download the update. Apple says there are improvements to News app, Mail Drop for Mail and improvements to Apple Music.

It’s hard not to improve Apple Music considering how much of a piece of shit it is.

  • I nearly spat out my toast, Jim!

  • Wayner83

    I love your commentary, but I have to say that I think your jaded view based on your own experience does not match the experience of many. My family has used it since day one and have not had any major issues. It has worked near flawlessly for us in the way normal consumers would use it.

  • Joe Camillieri

    Im also having a good experience with Apple Music and my own large library of songs.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Doth protest too much.

  • what nonsense. i dont know why JD had the problem he had with his music, but i do know ive never had a problem.

    i also know i have both onsite & offsite backups of all my stuff, including music.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    Tired of your continuing negativity towards Apple Music, Jim. Just visited your site again for a nice reading break and I’m confronted with this yet again. I’m not sure I even disagree. I have no goddamn clue of what the state of my iTunes library is anymore. 12000 songs, but no idea what’s really going on and why I am paying for iTunes match anymore. On the other hand, I, and my family, are using a family subscription of Apple Music and making playlists with all the songs… and the playlists work at least 80% of the time so we are enjoying it. Look, I just want to say I don’t feel like coming to The Loop much anymore. Lighten up, choose a better service, and have faith Apple will fix it / obsolete it at some point.

    • Prof. Peabody

      I find these kind of comments odd. The guy has been a ceaseless cheerleader for Apple for basically decades and pretty much likes everything about them, their people, their strategy etc., but he’s not allowed to be negative about … anything?

      I’ve been an Apple fan since the dawn of computers myself and bought and used all their products, and liked most every one too. But the Apple we have today is not the same Apple. It’s okay (or it should be) for us to not like absolutely every little thing they do.

      They aren’t bloody gods.

      • it’s the irrationality that is irksome. I don’t know anyone who has had his problem (said it ate his music), so to pretend that is normal or the service is problematic is silly.

        yes, the Apple today isn’t the same from the 70s and 80s. it’s immensely more popular, immenseley more successful, and the products immensely more capable. it’s better by every metric and I’m happy about that.

    • alukina

      Frankly, I would prefer a blogger to be honest than to pretend to like something he didn’t.

  • Vegaobscura

    I totally agree with you, I’ve been giving Youtube Red a try. Not a fan of Spotify. I’m glad there are options. At least until Apple get’s it right. Or maybe they don’t… i.e App Store…

  • After spending about six hours over the last couple of days trying to get our Apple Music Family Plan to work for my wife (and never actually getting it to work!), I’m inclined to agree. When it works, it’s pretty good. When it doesn’t, I have absolutely no idea why it doesn’t or what to do to solve it, beyond the usual “log out, restart, redo.”

    • call support and get it sorted. they have the best support I’ve ever had to use, the few times I’ve used it over the years.

  • patricklannigan

    iTunes Match was always moody – but she’s been behaving so well since Apple Music was released. No big issues. Of course this is coming from a guy who also subscribes to Spotify and Tidal (for the high fidelity).

  • Prof. Peabody

    The thing that bugs me the most about Apple Music is the same thing that bugs me about iTunes, and Apple’s policy on media in general. Those of us that have dutifully been buying our media (instead of torrenting etc.) are basically being royally screwed by Apple’s complete abandonment of the idea of local music and media.

    The new Apple TV is a great example in that it basically removes all the features that made storing your content locally a great idea in favour of “all cloud all the time.” Why can’t I have description fields on my local TV shows and Movies? Why can’t I search them with Siri? Why has the UI been deprecated? Why can’t I use stop-motion or slow motion on my local content anymore? What if I don’t want to “rent” my media from the ever changing cloud and want to “own” it instead? Why can’t I have album view on my devices when all I buy are albums? Why are my OS’s full of advertisements for Apple’s streaming properties that cannot be removed? Why is fully three fifths of the iOS music application given over to cloud content when I don’t have any cloud content and don’t want any, ever?

    Apple has basically given a big F-you to all of it’s most loyal customers IMO.

    • cerebud

      You’re absolutely right. Anyone who really loves music and has invested tons of time and money into has to be very frustrated at Apple Music. The service itself is ok, but to sacrifice everything else I’ve done with iTunes to serve AM is crazy. And you’re 10000% right on the AppleTV lapses. No iTunes in Apple TV? Who thought they’d see the day?

      • why frustrated? my music library hasn’t gone anywhere. still works.

    • what nonsense. Apple TV still works with local iTunes music libraries. and last time i checked my Match I got album artwork.

      as for Siri, it likely doesn’t work with local movies because getting all the meta data right isn’t easy. especially if people downloaded them from all over. but I heard the Plex server and tv app do sync metadata…tho I haven’t tried it.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple Music. I have a library with 15,000 songs and also subscribe to iTunes Match. NEVER had an issue with any of these services and they are 10x better than Spotify or Pandora.

  • ignobilitor


  • Ken Johnson

    I couldn’t be more pleased with Apple Music. I love the seamless integration of music I own and music I stream. I haven’t had any technical problems. It just works for me and the family plan price can’t be beat. I used Spotify and Pandora before Apple Music. I never liked either enough to pay. I’m pretty sure I’ll be an Apple Music subscriber for life.

    • Fabrice Dubois

      Love the seamless integration too, that’s why I’m hopeful. HOWEVER, it’s just been really buggy in my case, whether on iTunes or my iOS devices. I’ve experienced similar bugs as those reported by Jim, such as inconsistent or non-working “available offline”, album tracks or/and artwork completely messed up, and even locally imported MP3 files compromised.

  • jcgarza

    I, for one, see Jim’s “negativity” as a respite from Dave Mark’s incessant ass-kissing.

  • llahnoraa

    The new iOS 9.2 update fixes my iPhone 6 Plus performance, horizontal landscape layout and rotation issues so far. I can tell this update is exactly what I needed.