Twitter officially kills off favorites and replaces them with likes

The Verge:

Twitter’s “favorite” button, the service’s primary way for users to signal agreement, acknowledgement, laughter, support, and occasionally (and perversely!) utter hatred, is officially dead.

The company said today that it is replacing favorites with “likes,” to be represented in its apps and on the web by red heart icons. The changes, which also apply to Twitter-owned Vine, represent the company’s latest effort to simplify the user experience as it looks to attract new users.

“We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers,” product manager Akarshan Kumar said in a blog post. “You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.”

I’m not sure how this change will make Twitter “easier and more rewarding” for new users. We’ll all get used to it eventually but, personally, I like the idea of “favoriting” more than using the Facebook “Like”. Probably because I’m more of a Twitter user/fan than Facebook.

  • All I can think is, there is no sense of originality being a good thing. They have to me too Facebook? It’s confusing for readers? What’s the demographic? Baboons and dumber? (Don’t answer that.)

  • Bob

    “I’m not sure how this change will make Twitter “easier and more rewarding” for new users.”

    Well, it’s 12-year old girls that will especially appreciate the little heart icons that will match what they are drawing over their i’s. It’s the same thing Apple is going for with the little hearts in iTunes. It sure makes me feel very professional.

  • josh dyson

    In all seriousness, it’s clarifying move, in my opinion. Ask 4 people what a Twitter “Favorite” means to them, or how they use it, and you get 5 answers. “Like” is unambiguous; it means “I like this.”

    • Maybe we should do better in schools to teach what “favorite” means then.

      • I totally agree with you Dean, that’s why I was confused about this feature on Twitter. (I’m not a fan/big user of either site). The first time I was like, I don’t want to favorite this comment, I just want to tell this person that I agree with him, how do I do that…

        So, this change makes more sense, but many will see it as a copy of Facebook. But we liked things way before FB… But the “like” thing has also a big downside, for when people write a sad post, you can’t really like such a thing. FB is reportedly working on that. So Twitter may have to aknowledge it too one day… And in that case, if there is one thing that Google got right, it’s the +1 button.

  • rick gregory

    Eh. The single button has always been overloaded with meaning. Some people use it to signify that they like your tweet, others that they’ve seen it (esp replies), still others to bookmark it. Having single indicator for multiple meaning is never going to be perfect but once you start breaking out meanings it becomes messy.

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