Facebook, checking your battery, and a wish list item

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9to5mac, digs into the Facebook battery drain issue:

Ari Grant says there are two main problems with the app as it stands. One of which is a CPU spin state where the app would be instructing the CPU to be constantly doing ‘something’, even if the activity was unnecessary. Hence, the app would be using battery unnecessarily as it was keeping the CPU working without achieving any task for the user.

The other issue is related to improper management of audio sessions. This explains the prolonged background audio sessions. According to the post, if you left the Facebook app whilst watching a video the app would continue audio playback of the paused video. This effectively meant the app was playing silence indefinitely, through the background audio session. Facebook claims the app isn’t doing anything nefarious whilst it is in the state.

Good that Facebook is addressing this.

Moving on, it’s not a bad idea to check your battery usage, see what apps are sucking up the most battery. Should be reasonably proportional to their usage.

Go to Settings > Battery, then wait just a bit while iOS does its thing. Note the tab just above the list of apps that lets you switch between Last 24 Hours and Last 7 Days.

Finally, here’s a wish list item for iOS. If you go to the search page (swipe home screen to the right, or pull down from any of the springboard screens) and enter Battery in the search field, iOS will not find Settings > Battery. If you ask Siri to go to Battery settings, no love there either.

Settings is a complex enough beast, it’d be nice to have a way to search it. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Wish granted (or, perhaps, ignorance corrected)! In Settings, pull down on the main screen and there be a search bar. Added in iOS 9.

How much extra work would it be to add it to Siri and the regular Spotlight search? Have I just used up another wish? [H/T Skylar Primm]