Apple’s official list of El Capitan enhancements

That is one long list.

  • John
  • Curmudgeon

    Not sure I saw this mentioned anywhere, but this seems to be a feature I swear I never saw before El Capitan. In a text editing app like Notes or TextEdit (not Pages though) if you bring up text search (Command–F), then click on the Magnifying glass in the search field, you are presented with different searching criteria.

    Most interesting to me is the option to search for “Insert Pattern”. This allows text search for various invisible characters, like breaks, tabs, white space, but also for things data detectors seem to scan for like digits, urls, phone numbers, email addresses.

    I hope this shows up in Pages ASAP!

    • Curmudgeon

      Also this. If you have Live Photos, if you hover your mouse over them in the Moments view, the photo plays its live photo cycle on repeat.

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