Apple Music exec Ian Rogers is leaving Apple

From Matthew Garrahan, writing for The Financial Times:

The architect of Apple’s online radio strategy has resigned two months after the launch of its Beats1 radio service, according to people familiar with the matter.

Ian Rogers was part of the executive team that joined Apple last year when the company acquired Beats, the audio group started by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, for $3bn.

Since the completion of the deal Mr Rogers has led the development of Apple’s Beats1, hiring Zane Lowe, the former BBC radio DJ, as a presenter and crafting an eclectic mix of shows streamed from London, New York and Los Angeles that have been well received by critics and listeners.

News of his departure caught colleagues off guard. He is leaving the west coast to work for a Europe-based company in an unrelated industry, people familiar with the situation said.

According to this ReCode article, Apple has verified his departure.

  • StruckPaper

    The timing should not be a surprise. Rogers must have had a financial windfall of some magnitude when Apple purchased Beats. To boot, the launch of Apple Music is a career high and therefore perfect time to move on. He may have timed this all along.

  • I don’t know how successful Beats1 is, but I suspect if it wasn’t so hip hop heavy, it might be even more popular? I’m seriously thinking about dropping the service before I have to start paying. It just has no interest for me. I’m finding way more interesting musicians, with much greater ease, at Tidal. Might as well stay while it’s still afloat.

  • StruckPaper

    Before today, Trent Reznor was widely written as the brains behind Beats One. With his departure from Apple, Ian Rogers is suddenly The Man. Hmm …

    • Tom_P

      Good call. Seems to remember everyone thought Beat 1 is Trent’s idea.