Magic Number, fantastic calculator for OS X

I’ve been playing with a replacement calculator for the Mac. Magic Number has been out for a while, but is new to me. There is an incredible amount of functionality built into the calculator, yet it is incredibly easy to use.

To get a basic sense of Magic Number, spend a few minutes going through the Getting Started page. Note that a number of the screen shots are short little animations (start them by clicking the classic play triangle).

The thing I like the most about Magic Number is that the math looks like math. For example:


Even after you enter a calculation, you can edit individual elements and recalculate. This is the tiniest tip of the iceberg here. Magic Number is incredibly robust, chock full of features. And a new, free update is coming in mid-August, supposedly full of new stuff. Can’t wait.

  • Moeskido

    I’d settle for something that was as relatively easy to read as iOS’s native calculator, Helvetica Neue notwithstanding.

  • GS

    Thanks for the heads up on this app.. very nice!

  • davebarnes

    No RPN. Not for me.

  • Gryffin

    Looks cool, but what I really need is capable calculator that lives in the menu bar, and can be activated globally with a hotkey. I’m still using Calq, but it’s no longer supported, and it’s capabilities are pretty limited. I found one called Numi in the MAS that’s much more capable, but it doesn’t play well with fullscreen apps.

  • Matthias H. this one’s free