Apple Watch pixels, as seen through a microscope

Bryan Jones is a retinal neuroscientist and photographer. Fortunately for us, he likes to share his images. Writing for his blog:

I started peeping at iPhone pixels under the microscope when Steve Jobs introduced the Retina Display. Why? Because then the concept of a retina display was new and I wanted to see if it was hype. It was decidedly, and scientifically not hype which delighted me to no end. Now, I’m just interested in some of the things on the small side of life and as display technology changes, its an interesting comparison to stick the latest gadgets underneath the microscope from time to time.

This evening, it was the Apple Watch display’s time to go under the scope. That and I promised Craig Hockenberry that I’d get these images for him, so here goes…

All these images were made on an Olympus stereomicroscope with an old Canon 1D Mk III camera used for imaging. Its also important to note that these images were made from the 42mm Apple Watch which has a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels, at approximately 326 pixels per inch which is at a slightly different resolution and pixel size than the smaller Apple Watch model.

I love these images. Just beautiful.