An Apple Watch meta-review reimagined

Monday Note:

As the first wave of Apple Watch reviews shows, waiting for impressions to settle down isn’t part of the Product Review genre. The psychoactive toxicity of Apple product launches that I made fun of two weeks ago is in full display as reviewers climb to the rooftops in a race for income-producing pageviews.

There’s no doubt that “page view journalism” has taken its toll on, at the very least, reviews of Apple’s products.

  • Kevin Horn

    I’d like to point out Nilay Patel’s ridiculous, gerontophobic, and otherwise immature meltdown on twitter over JLG’s annotated photo of him.

  • invinciblegod

    Sorry, but are you saying there were no bad reviews of apple products before the internet? And of course since John Gruber posted his review pretty soon after the embargo, he must also be part of this “page view journalism” right? Your blaming of page view journalism for inadequate reviews is just tiring since it can be applied to anything everywhere.

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      Sorry, but sorry. Sorry.

      • what sets Gruber’s review apart is his complete lack of sensationalism. he takes a slow, measured approach to studying the product hes reviewing and writes a careful analysis of it. even about things he doesnt care for, which he cited several. it’s like “slow food” as opposed to “fast food”.

        few reviewers have that sort of discipline and ability.

  • Meaux

    I’d classify this article as page view journalism.