Blogo: Blogging app for the Mac

This is a really nice looking app. I just downloaded the trial and it works great too—if there’s one thing I would add, it would be access to custom fields in WordPress. Otherwise, I really like it.

  • Happy to hear you’re enjoying it. Custom Fields is almost ready to be released so you should see it working on Blogo pretty soon!

    • And they’re looking good! 😉

    • My blog doesn’t work without Custom Fields (by design), so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this app. Looks quite nice so far.

      • Yay! We have a free 21 day trial if you wanna get a better feeling ;}

        • kayson

          Gisele, when can I expect the new update with custom fields? I really want to buy the app but the custom field feature is the most important thing on my blog 🙂

          • Hey Kayson! I don’t have an exact date right now but it should be available within 4 weeks or so! I’ll let you know as soon as I have a confirmation about timeframe.

  • vandancd

    Have you tried Desk?

    • Yep, got it tried it, left it. The UX is so out of the box that I got a little lost so gave up on it.

      Also it doesn’t do custom fields (for now) but may try it again if things change.