China drops Apple, Cisco, Intel, Citrix from approved state purchase list


China has dropped some of the world’s leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance.

Others put the shift down to a protectionist impulse to shield China’s domestic technology industry from competition.


China’s change of tack coincided with leaks by former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden in mid-2013 that exposed several global surveillance program, many of them run by the NSA with the cooperation of telecom companies and European governments.

“The Snowden incident, it’s become a real concern, especially for top leaders,” said Tu Xinquan, Associate Director of the China Institute of WTO Studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. “In some sense the American government has some responsibility for that; (China’s) concerns have some legitimacy.”

Apple continues to be a favorite among Chinese consumers, so it’s not clear how big an impact this will have on Apple’s inroads in China.

  • Considering how concentrated governmental power is in the hands of s small cadre, I suspect it will have minimal impact for the foreseeable future. Their middle class is bigger than the population of the US. That’s a big market. They consume 33 percent of the world’s luxury goods (at least when I was there in 2013).

    And the irony of China complaining about governmental spying is quite rich.

  • Terry Maraccini

    the price you pay for manufacturing in a place like China is that you sell your should to save a buck.

    China is not in the business of protecting American interests. Unfortunately, neither are we.

  • Moeskido

    “We figured that if we can break it, we probably shouldn’t buy it.”

  • rattyuk


    Apple has never been on the “approved list”.

    This news was also punted back in December and was shown to be the nonsense it is.

    It looks like some kind of hit piece to bring the stock down.

    Shame that Apple announced the watch event and the share price is rising again.