Uber building self-driving cars

John Biggs:

Sources tell us Uber is hiring more than fifty senior scientists from Carnegie Mellon as well as from the National Robotics Engineering Center, a CMU-affiliated research entity. Carnegie Mellon, home of the Mars Rover and other high-profile robotics projects, declined to comment at this time, as did scientists mentioned by our source. Uber has “cleaned out” the Robotics Institute, said the source.

So, who isn’t building a self-driving car?

  • Moeskido

    Yeah, this is what I want the country’s top robotics minds working on. Sure.

  • DaveChapin77

    Building? I’d say more like planning, talking. Just no one seems to be actually shipping

  • Gert-Jan Hartog

    Well, Apple isn’t building one afaik. So it is safe to say that Apple is doomed now.

  • matthewmaurice

    Anyone remember when all the high-frequency trading hedge funds went and hired every geek with an advanced math degree they could find in 2006, 2007? Two years later when the bubble burst they all went back to being TAs. Set your clocks.