Ad campaign filmed entirely on the iPhone 6 Plus

From the press release for luxury skincare brand Erno Laszlo:

“iPhone 6 Plus was instrumental in helping us achieve our creative vision for this project—and do it in a brilliantly fast and effective way,” said Kenan Aktulun, founder of Truth NYC. “It opened up possibilities by allowing us to explore the life and energy of the holiday season in New York, in a truly mobile way.”

  • CuJo YYC

    “Ad campaign filmed entirely on the iPhone 6 Plus”

    Given that contemporary recordings do not use tape or film, perhaps it time to discard old terms such as ‘taping’, ‘filming’, and ‘footage’. Ergo, “Ad campaign recorded entirely on the iPhone 6 Plus”

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  • Why would you if you had the budget to do it on pro-gear? Should Apple seek compensation for using their brand clout or they simply grant permission? Is this a symbiotic relationship where both brands to get media exposure beyond the ad itself? Nowadays, I guess in a world where internet reigns, on demand rules, ads themselves are less and less relevant while becoming content is king for a campaign to be successful.

  • Stuzy

    Considering music videos, movies and documentaries have all been recorded using an iPhone for years now. This is hardly an interesting story. It’s like saying “advert filmed entirely using a camera”. Really? Wow!

  • John Kordyback

    The 6+ is a great little video unit. People upload 2 billion photos per day to social media from phones and I think phones like the 6+ will increase video uploads.