Mail To Self: An iOS 8 share-sheet extension that lets you do just that

Dan Frakes:

A couple months back, I tweeted that the iOS 8 share-sheet extension I really wanted was one that would let me send myself an email—in other words, to share the current thing via email, but to have the resulting email message pre-addressed to me.

Like Dan, I do this frequently on iOS and have been using and liking this little extension.

  • ElLibro

    According to one of the ratings, the app sends your email (and possibly other data) to a third party server. Not cool!

    • stares

      Really? It’s called “mail to self.” That means it needs to send at a minimum the thing you want to mail and your email address somewhere. So it can be mailed.

      • But, as the point made in the article, “the extension sends your messages through its own mail server, instead of just using Mail on your device.”

        • Yeah, I don’t see how that could work. To my knowledge (and it’s been a while since I looked at the mail APIs on iOS) you can’t quietly send a mail from an app, let alone from an extension. That’s a security feature iOS users should be happy about. 🙂

          • djshiow

            Hi there, I’m the co-creator of the app. As Steven mentioned, as far as we know there’s no way to send an email on iOS without bringing up the mail dialog. We decided to set up our backend using Mandrill to send out the email to reduce the step to just a single tap.

            Rest assured, We don’t use your email for any “promotional emails” or any kind of spam. Ever. We don’t pass it to anyone else.

            Hope that helps & Cheers!, Os

          • ElLibro

            On second thought, I realized that there’s no way to quietly send an email on iOS, as Steven pointed out (at least not without reimplementing all the sending and settings stuff). Also, paranoid people like me can use an alias email or extra account. It’s soothing to hear from the creators that you respect your user’s privacy!

          • Right. And your SMTP account/password is far more valuable to a potential spammer than your email address. 🙂

          • mildlygeeky

            If I could ask, then why not charge money for the app? Surely you are incurring cost developing the app, building a site for it, keeping it up-to-date, etc.

          • djshiow

            To be perfectly honest, we didn’t think people would pay for this type of app and just wasn’t sure how popular it’s going to be. This started as a weekend side project for us (me and @isnav) so we are not incurring any development cost other than our time. We do plan to add new features and sell them as in-app purchase in the future, though.

  • Tom_P

    Thank you for suggesting this app. Like Mr. Dan Frakes, I’m so bored of mailing to myself.

  • I used to mail things to myself, but haven’t had to in a long time. For what use cases are people still mailing stuff to themselves?

    • I use it for note, reminders, pics, URLs…

  • ejpeg

    For anyone interested in mailing to yourself outside of the share-sheet: there’s an app for that too!

    Have a look at Braintoss. And let us know what you think.

    Disclaimer I’m one of the creators of the app.