Meet Woz, get a cool custom pin, help raise money for a good cause

Can you get to Lake Tahoe on December 3rd at 7pm? If so, come meet Woz, support an excellent cause (the Lake Tahoe Unified School District) and get a cool custom “Woz Rocks” Hard Rock Cafe pin.

As part of the event, guests who purchase one of Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe’s new pins will have the opportunity to meet with Steve Wozniak and receive his signature. The “Woz Rocks” Pin ($30 at event) features Steve Wozniak playing a computer shaped guitar while riding a Segway. In addition, Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe created a second “Woz Rocks” pin ($20 at event) which features the same image of Steve wearing “Berkeley blue and gold” to honor the Apple co-founder’s alma mater. Both pins will be available at Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe’s Rock Shop retail store for a limited time while supplies last.

True to Hard Rock’s “Love All – Serve All” mantra, proceeds from sale of Hard Rock’s “Woz Rocks” pins will benefit the Lake Tahoe Unified School District. The pin sales will assist in providing a quality learning environment so all students can develop competence in basic skill areas and are prepared to be responsible, contributing citizens.

Here’s Woz, talking about his new pin.

  • Wozless

    Zero comments here. It’s a nice illustration that no one cares about Woz, but still no one wants to admit it. Except me, but I’m an asshole.

    • I’ve “admitted” it often on Twitter. 🙂

    • RussellL

      Too many good people like Woz are overshadowed by assholes like Jobs.

    • clayton horstman

      no more like WTF is the loop

  • scott

    I would have liked a pin.. but i’m nowhere near lake tahoe. 6000 miles away to be precise