iPhone 6 camera vs. CNN camera

Where the reporter makes the Stupid Statement of the Day: “Let’s see how the cameras compare!” Here’s a little hint – they don’t. They can’t. Not even remotely. Stop trying to force the comparison.

He does offer a couple of good tips on proper shooting though. So it’s not an entirely worthless video.

  • Javi

    No daylight shots? He’s stupid alright

  • I like how he mentions the Samsung’s higher megapixel count, but then gives us no actual footage. Does it turn out better? Does it turn out worse? We’ll never know from this story.

  • Solublepeter

    I don’t think it was a “hit piece” on the iPhone. its flattery that they are even worth comparing at all!

    • I agree with you, although I think it’s a fairly lame starting point for a story. The real value of that was near the end, where he said to (paraphrasing) just keep shooting with whatever you have and try different angles.

    • Meaux

      It’s also nice pushback for those gimmicky, “This commercial was shot completely on an iPhone,” web commercials that exist solely to get published on Apple blogs.

      • they arent gimmicky — theyre amazing. the fact that a professional commercial can be shot on a cell phone is nothing short of amazing. and yes i know they use lighting and stabilizers and dollies, but thats besides the point — it’s still a cell phone recording the footage. amazing.

    • No one said it was a hit piece. It’s not. It’s simply pointless.

      • Aaron Burghardt

        Maybe I have an exaggerated sense of curiousity, but I thought the premise was interesting: how much difference is there? I agree that it should have included daylight comparisons, too, but I still didn’t find it pointless.

  • Ankyo

    “Next week we compare the iPhone 6 with the Hibble Space Telescope” [spoiler: it doesn’t do well]

  • Lukas

    “Stop trying to force the comparison”

    Dunno, seems to me that it’s Mac blogs who constantly want to compare phone cameras to every other kind of camera, to show how amazing the iPhone’s camera has become.

  • Mark Hiley

    This article is ridiculous because it’s only in LOW LIGHT and no-one would try to question the ability of a huge broadcast-camera sensor’s low light capability. Absolutely stupid comparison to make with an iPhone! It’s also ridiculous to still be quoting pixel density in the way he does, which even camera manufacturers killed off years ago as a concept. Higher pixel count DOES NOT mean better pictures.

    In normal conditions, the iPhone 6 is incredible. I work in broadcast TV as well and have just used the iPhone 6 plus to shoot a little video for a wildlife project I’m doing in Malawi. Frankly, it was incredible and I’d be hard pushed to compare some of this footage to a broadcast camera. Remember when you look at this it’s all iPhone footage, no tripods (steadycam ability is ridiculous).


  • Luděk Roleček

    Lets compare prices and portability too if we are at it…

  • crateish

    I’m convinced. Into the garbage my iPhone 6 Plus goes!

    Now, what carrier provides cellular service to his better camera…