Apple’s rumored October 21 iPad event

From Reuters:

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 21, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.


  • But there’s bound to be an event in October, no? When/where would they announce the Yosemite release? Sooner? Later?

    • rattyuk

      I don’t think that those questions can be answered with a “yep” or “nope”.

    • Why would Apple need an event to release Yosemite?

      • True.

      • Scott Falkner

        I think they would announce a Yosemite release date if they had something Mac specific to show. Updated Macs would not be enough. Retina iMacs and a new retina TBD would be.

    • They had no announcment for Mavericks release.. it just happened. Apple would be wise to do that for Yosemite in the next 2 weeks after iOS 8 (and the iCloud Drive changes especially).

      • I had forgotten about that, you’re right. I just assumed an iPad announcement would be happening soon. But I guess a “Nope” just means it isn’t happening THAT day.

    • grundoon

      The Q4 FY14 earnings call. Which will absolutely be an October event.

  • Instead, the event will take place on… some other sort of day or something.

  • Jim McPherson

    I guess it’s confirmed for the 20th then 😉

  • Martin Johnson

    The yep/nope service provided by Dalrymple is one of the most valuable on the web. You should have a membership plan that gives exclusive access to yep/nope posts. You’d make a fortune.

    • G

      Actually the money to be made would be from offering the mainstream press early access (maybe 1 day) to Yep’s and Nope’s. Keep ’em from making fools of themselves.

      • Sorry but nothing will stop the tech and mainstream press from making fools of themselves.

      • gglockner

        Too much like insider trading.

        • Why? Companies give “insider info” to the media all the time. Just look at the deluge of iPhone 6 reviews from yesterday. Apple gave select members of the media iPhones after last week’s event and had the reporters sign NDAs and put them under embargo until yesterday. No different.

          • gglockner

            Not the same thing. The review copies were for products that were publicly announced. Product release information is not publicly known, which can be exploited for stock trading.

          • That was just one example. There are plenty more regarding apps, companies, services and such that “could be exploited for stock trading.”

            I’m under three NDAs/embargoes as we speak – all regarding things the companies involved haven’t announced.

    • TimT2011

      It truly is awesome, but I just wish the nopes were pared down to the part of the sentence that deserved the nope. This nope now has me worried that Apple might not do anything with the iPad this fall at all now.

  • Pelted

    Love the brevity of Jim’s responses when he does this.

  • gglockner

    I would be surprised if there is no iPad refresh before the holidays.

    • frank

      Why would that surprise you? we head into last holiday season with no refresh on Apple TV or Ipod in 2+ years we head into this Christmas with no watch which was a huge mistake IMO.

      • it’s not a mistake, it’s just circumstances. dont you think apple would have released its watch if they could have?

    • pxlated

      I’m hoping there’s both new iPads and MacBooks – I don’t need a new phone but sure do the other two.

  • defcon888

    At this rate, the apple fanboi’s won’t be out of line until November

  • torifile

    He could be “noping” any number of the claims in that quote. 2 iPads? Yosemite? The date? There are really 3 parts to that he could be disputing.

    • Billy Razzle


  • Apple

    Nope. It’s also going to show off the new iPod6. Its not all about the iPads.