After 30 years, Macworld is no longer a magazine

Fast Company:

In January of 1984, Apple announced the Macintosh. Among the many things which made the launch memorable was the fact that the brand-new computer was accompanied by a brand-new magazine, IDG’s Macworld. Thanks to a deal hashed out by IDG’s David Bunnell and Apple’s Steve Jobs, the first issue debuted the same day that the Mac did, which means that there’s never been such a thing as a Mac market that wasn’t covered by Macworld.

Sadly, that long run is about to end.

The 800lb gorilla of Mac publishing just became a 4lb chihuahua. Sad day.

  • G

    Very tiny pup. Not a sustainable biz any more. In the early days I much preferred MacUser, then when Jason Snell moved over there it became a pretty good pub. Recently however, in spite of some excellent contributors, the place had more of a PC hangout feel to it; desperately pushing ads nobody would read. I know I seldom went there any more. Best of luck to all, such talent will find a better home.

    • Moeskido

      I loved MacUser, especially after Macworld got too stuffy and pedantic for my taste. Then MacUser was gone, and Macworld brightened up a bit.

      I’m very sad to hear this news, but I can’t say it’s a surprise.

  • Sigivald

    I dunno about “just”.

    When was the last time anyone bought the hardcopy version?

    I note that Macworld is keeping the online portion, the part people actually read

    • The online portion is useless without good, honest, committed, ethical writers. They fired most of those today, too.

      • lkalliance

        I remember keeping back issues of Macworld. I was actually a MacUser subscriber, and I was a little ticked when Macworld absorbed them. But I still kept at it. I used to go right to the back page first, for Inahtko or whoever they were putting there that month.

      • Sigivald

        I dunno, I haven’t found MacWorld content to be much use except for the Macalope, anyway.

        Not that it was bad, dishonest, lazy, and unethical – just not especially interesting.

        (“10 OSX keyboard tricks you didn’t know” is, well, not compelling? And not something you really need Crack Staff to write…)

    • While I still enjoyed Dan Frakes, Jason Snell and perhaps one or two others, most of their online stuff was little more than hacked together reposts of what other sites published. It most certainly isn’t tech journalism by any definition.

      Sadly, the site is only going to get worse now.

      • Colin Mattson

        I’m still not sure what IDG was thinking re-running PC World articles on the front page. “Cheap content!”, I suppose.

        • Yeah – I knew they were circling the bowl when dumb stuff like that started happening.

          And to be clear, none of the editorial people fired today liked seeing that stuff either.

  • James Hughes

    The good old days of Macuser vs. Macworld no longer exists. Steve Jobs is gone. HyperCard’s the Manhole. Small user groups. As much as I am Happy that Apple is as big as they are I also miss the old days. It was a closer knit group and more respectful too. I miss Grant from Parumph NV. Not that anyone here probably knows of him but there was even a memorial on the Macworld forums dedicated to him because he was so willing to help.

    Anyway, with all that said, I too have not bought an actual printed magazine since I was getting ready to go to an on demand show in New York. That was probably 8 or so years ago. I guess as long as I can still read the occasional Macalope I’ll be okay. I actually read more here since Jim and Peter Cohen left Macworld. I think the writing was on the wall when that happened.

    So I guess it’s not Macworld I’ll miss so much but what Macworld represents to me. Here’s looking towards a bright new future. Cheers.

  • DocRoss

    Like many others, I stopped reading Macworld when Jim & Peter ahem left. The only thing I would read recently was the Macalope. Whoever was writing that was sharp and very funny. I assume he or she is now also gone. Even if the Macalope byline is still there, the intelligence and wit most likely will be gone.

    • I spoke to The Macalope today (yes – I know who he/she is 🙂 ) and they are a freelancer so they’re still doing their schtick for Macworld.

      • DocRoss

        I wonder, then, if his/her schtick might find a better home at an indie pub like, say, The Loop?

        • Probably not. We really don’t go in for that kind of thing around here.


          Besides, I said The Macalope is still working at Macworld. No reason for them to switch.

      • CapnVan

        I assume that the ‘Lope is one of the biggest profit drivers for the site.

        • G

          Probably the only one. Even the Macalope must be getting a bit tired. There’s no end in sight to stupid, but eventually it sounds like a broken record. The Macalope might still contribute to Macworld for awhile (I actually hope not), but in any event the “Lope’s alter ego and humor can be found elsewhere.

      • I hope one day to find out who The Macalope is. I’m willing to wait another 15 years, mind… 🙂

  • MacLife seems to be humming along. I guess they inherit the throne now for Mac magazines.

    • MacLife couldn’t carry Macworld’s jock.

      • Says the guy defending the magazine that’s out of business. Looks like a jock is the only thing left you’re holding.

        • Where have you seen/heard/read of me “defending” the magazine? And you’re last line just doesn’t even make any sense so I can safely ignore it.

          • Any 5th grader should be able to understand it, so I’ll recap it for you. You replied to my comment about MacLife surviving by insulting MacLife and saying it couldn’t carry Macworld’s jock. I replied expressing that your argument is invalid, since Macworld is now out of print, and, in using your euphemism, implied that I had just spanked you on this argument, leaving you only holding your jock. Hopefully you now understand, however I can type slower next time if you like.

          • Got it. You misunderstood. I wasn’t defending Macworld.

            And the juvenile tone of your post is not necessary. Argument and discussion is encouraged here on The Loop. Childishness isn’t.

          • Yes, and saying “MacLife couldn’t carry Macworld’s jock” is so MATURE.

            ****ROLLS EYES****

          • Perhaps. But it wasn’t directed at anyone personally. Your post was.

          • It was a reply to my argument in a juvenile tone. Aggressive responses to my comments can’t help but be anything but personal. I’m done here.

        • Moeskido

          “The magazine that survived actually deserved to.” Is that it?