Aerial footage of Apple’s Sept. 9 event structure

That’s a huge building for an event that’s going to last a few hours. Typical of Apple, they go all out.

[Via AppleInsider]

  • WTF is the point of that music!?

    • mtgiven

      It’s a royalty-free track that’s built into iMovie/Garage Band. (I realize that doesn’t explain the ‘point.’)

      • I Know what it is. I was asking what the point of it was. 🙂

        • airmanchairman

          Tried Shazaam’ing it on my Mac to see if there’s a clue in the music title, no cigar…

        • Sheesh, did royalty-free background music steal your bicycle when you were a kid? 🙂 I think it conveyed an air of whimsical anticipation quite nicely.

  • Explanation: HomeKit.

    • Craig Jacobs

      agreed – this is a mockup of a house to demonstrate all the cool home automation Apple has been working on in their labs for that last few years.

    • Aric Arthur

      Good call! That must be it.

      Demoing using iWatch to control homekit features.

  • Gandhi

    Last time an Apple event had this level of hype/fervor/anticipation, the original iPhone was announced.

    I look forward to seeing what Apple has in store.

    • rickbynight

      I remember that Keynote, I don’t remember the hype/fervor that seemed out of the ordinary.

  • T_Will

    I totally appreciate the attention to detail Apple puts into their products, even the roofs of their buildings. The tasteful riveted smooth leather finish really brings it all together. 😉

  • qka

    I’d hate to be a student/faculty/staff on that campus these past weeks into next week.

  • Moeskido

    Is it naive to ask if we’ll get to see images of the inside of this while the hands-on demos are under way?

    • Marcus2012

      Only as naive as asking to see top secret government documents…

  • GeorgeBeach

    I love the music. Keep it up.

  • Costa K

    I don’t know about you but drones are starting to freak me out.

    • Moeskido

      These aren’t the drones that are looking for you.

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      There are about 2,500 of them circling above you right now and they’re just now starting to freak you out?

  • Ryan

    If you’ve seen the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, then tomorrow will be no different minus the skimpy lingerie. It’s a fashion catwalk with U2 slated to play the music for the models walk out on stage.

    • Brian Mauter

      My thoughts exactly.