The loneliest whale in the world


The whale that Joe George and Velma Ronquille heard was an anomaly: His sound patterns were recognizable as those of a blue whale, but his frequency was unheard-of. It was absolutely unprecedented. So they paid attention. They kept tracking him for years, every migration season, as he made his way south from Alaska to Mexico. His path wasn’t unusual, only his song—and the fact that they never detected any other whales around him. He always seemed to be alone.

So this whale was calling out high, and he was calling out to no one—or at least, no one seemed to be answering.

What a sad and remarkable story.

  • dreyfus2

    Sure it was a whale? Sounds like Mariah Carey?!

  • Dr.Nine

    Thy showed a documentary on PBS about a Orca named Luna that got lost in Puget Sound. It started following humans in Canada. Government tried to ship it to Sea World. Native Americans protested. In the end, Some asshole Canadian shot the orphan whale.

  • Anonforareason

    On the surface it sounds like the lead-up story for Star Trek IV