The dark side of almond use

Three things:

  1. 82% of the world’s almonds come from California.
  2. California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in its history.
  3. This year’s almond crop is one of the largest ever.

That water’s got to come from somewhere.

  • D’artagnan Benefitso

    Is this your attempt to guilt almond users? Why don’t we just stop “using” any products or services produced in California at all? That should save some serious water.

    • exapple

      You’re not an almond “user”, you’re an almond consumer. Almonds aren’t smart phones.

      1.5 gallons of water per almond.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    The root cause of this problem is overpopulation. It’s what will eventually destroy this planet.

    • Sigivald

      1970 called and it wants its tired memes back.

  • Mark

    Great journalism The Atlantic. Now investigate the amount of water it takes to support animal agriculture – especially cows for beef or dairy.

    • Moeskido

      Agriculture yields results from water usage. California produces food for the entire nation. Contrast this with civilian behavior.

      Residents waste far more water than agriculture. For lawns.

  • Mikey

    Americans consume 12 x what our geography can support. This was the catalyst for globalization. Now many countries, like China, want to be like Americans. Can sustain that. It not just almonds.

    1. Some dumb ass made it a superfood. Just another marketing hype.
    2. Bee polinate it but honey from it is thrown away because it is bitter.
    3. Recent video showed a mechanical device which shakes the tree and vacuums all the almonds. so no peasant jobs for illegals either.
  • Bret

    It takes years for an almond tree to start producing. You can’t just turn production off because there’s a drought this year.

  • Dieter Engel

    The implication being that people who eat almonds should feel guilty?

    How about the people who have been mismanaging the state of california for the past several decades? How about the people who have been lining their own pockets rather than doing needed infrastructure work in the california water system?

    This is the brilliant thing about the scam that is government – no matter how much they screw things up, people always assume we need more government to fix it.