Pictures: Apple constructs its own building at Flint Center for Sept. event

When I saw that Apple was going to hold their Sept. 9 event at the Flint Center for Performing Arts, I thought I would take a drive over and see if anything was happening. To be honest, I didn’t expect much because all of the work would be going on inside—I was wrong.

Apple is constructing its own building on the Flint Center grounds as part of the event. It seems to me that this could be the hands-on area that Apple typically has for attendees after the event.

Here are a few pictures. As you can imagine, security is very tight around the construction.





  • ChuckO

    I’m assuming it’s where the hand-on will be after the event?

    • ChuckO

      oops, sorry missed it in the article.

    • Jim

      That’s what the second paragraph says.

      • ChuckO

        Yea, disqus doesn’t allow deletes!

  • Guest


  • Blissios

    How does the size of this building compare with usual hands on area? Bigger, smaller, about the same?

  • Utsava

    Where is this in relation to the building?

    • bob

      It’s on the south end of the building, there was previously some rectangles of grass and fountains. Would post a pic of the map but can’t

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    That’s a long drive from Canada.

    • CuJo YYC

      Especially for residents of the Maritimes. 🙂

  • EldonChew

    They need a 3 storey building as hands-on area? :O

    • Michael Garnett

      Could be 3 stories high, and not actually 3 levels.

      • ollonkorren

        I guess the rumours of a bigger iPhone might be accurate then.

  • Ted MacDonald

    Yerba Buena: 750 seats Moscone West: 1,500 seats Flint Center: 2,300 seats, and they’re building more space? It all points to something big.

    • HomeKit

      • IronMan

        I second ya! May be a model home to demo the HomeKit!

    • marcintosh

      The return of HyperCard! YES!

    • andrewe

      They are likely just building more space for the “hands-on area” as mentioned, not adding more seats.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Is that a new building or a current building covered up for security?

    • Nate Almeida

      It’s a new building. I was able to view the same perspective in Apple Maps and that big white box is located on what looks like a sunken plaza behind the Center.

  • Twiki

    Steve Jobs unveiled the original Macintosh at the same place 30 years ago.

  • lkalliance

    It’s a warehouse for the going-out-of-business sale. Everything must go.

    • Michael Garnett

      It would be just like Samsung to try and cut in on Apple’s big moment.

      • ds9sisko

        You win the internet, young man

  • James Hughes

    They need a big building for the giant iClock reveal.

    • Michael Scrip

      FLAVOR FLAV!!!

      • James Hughes

        Yea boyyyyy

  • BongBong

    That’s not a building, it’s a church!

    Hey, Jim. You should stop by the TWiT building with Rene Ritchie after the event!

  • Fisher

    so i hear U2 is gonna play?

  • dreyfus2

    It’s an ICU for treating collapsed Android / Samsung pundits after the event.

    • I’m so sorry I have to maket his joke but don’t you think it might be an area with fainting couches for all the Apple Fanboys who touch the new heavenly iDevices?


  • SockRolid

    Agree with majgr. It’s probably a full-scale demo of HomeKit in a mocked-up house. Maybe with some next-gen Apple TV set-top box as the hub.

    • pxlated

      Hmmmm – That does sound interesting/plausible.

  • I am assuming they will live stream the event!

  • MacManDan

    Obviously, they’re building a giant multi-level obstacle course/fitness center for people to run around in, to test the activity monitoring features of the iWatch.

  • lrd555

    Might be new Apple Store models?

  • I could see them just building a full-size Apple Store glass building.

  • What in the world? Why are they making another building for the event!?

  • Adam

    Seems awfully coincidental for Jim to have been in Cupertino and to have decided to just take a drive over and see what was happening. Normally Apple doesn’t start decorating their keynote venues until 2-3 days before the event. Why would he have expected to see anything happening nearly 2 weeks in advance? In light of Mark Gurman’s 9-part post today, I have to wonder if Jim was given a nudge by someone inside Apple PR…

    • Dalrymple has been in California for months, so, as is so often the case, Gurman gets his facts wrong. Shame he didn’t bother to simply ask Jim before he wrote that fluff. But God – facts are just SO inconvenient. Much easier to go with assumptions and BS pulled out of his butt.

  • Yes! Hypertalk that automatically writes its own Swift and compiles to machine code and runs like the wind!

    • glasspusher

      This comment cannot be upvoted enough. FTW.

  • Brian C. Bock

    I think it’s a giant bank vault for Apple to store the billions they are going to make until their mothership office is done. 😛

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Is this unprecedented? Has Apple done nothing like this before at one of their expos?

    • Apple has never built an entire “structure” before. They always had their booth covered in black cloth before a Macworld Expo opened.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I wasn’t at the event. What was the structure ultimately used for (surely not to show off the Apple watch)?

    • It was the demo space for the products announced at the event.

      There was no need for it to be so tall. It was just Apple screwing with us. 🙂